About Us

SurePro Solutions, Inc. is an authorized SolidWorks reseller in the Philippines. 


One staff. Zero office. Almost a client.  So did the story of SurePro Solutions Inc. (SurePro) begin.  The founder of the company, Mr. Anthony Co, together with some investors recognized the rapid change taking place in the manufacturing industry landscape.  At the forefront of this change is the concept of computer-aided design or CAD.  CAD software overtook and eventually laid to rest the traditional tools (e.g., T-squares, pencils and papers) used in designing a product.   CAD became the standard in the design, development and fabrication process—from consumer products to industry grade machines and equipment.  The cutting-edge technology behind CAD software made mechanical and electrical designs faster and more accurate and visualizing prototypes much clearer.

SurePro saw the potential in this development and decided to partner with SolidWorks, the world ‘s leading  3D CAD software. In August 2008, SurePro Solutions Inc. officially became the authorized re-seller of SolidWorks.  SurePro’s first office was at Fedman Suites on Salcedo St., Makati City.  It became the first SolidWorks training and development center in the Philippines, where hundreds of design engineers were trained and became SolidWorks certified professionals.  Since then, SurePro has branched out its training services to include CAM (computer aided manufacturing) and CAE (computer aided engineering).
And one client grew to a handful of companies.  From one partner product, SurePro is now also a partner and authorized re-seller of SolidCAM, CGS and IMold—all industry leaders  for mold and die making, engineering design simulation, plastic injection solutions, technical documentation management, and CAD data conversion solutions. Hardware giants Dell, HP and Epson are also partners.

Today, SurePro Solutions is committed to providing a complete engineering design solution serving a client base that includes, among others, companies like Bandai, Fujitsu Ten, Furukuwa, Futaba, Honda, IdeaSpace Foundation, Panasonic, RAPAT Industries,  and Toshiba.

Our Logo

SurePro’s logo bears an image that symbolizes a “gear” positioned to the right of a square box.  This is a message to our partners and the community of software end-users to know that SurePro is a dynamic company, with the ability to assist customers to move forward to achieve greater success.  The tag line “Better Partner. Better Solutions.” invokes  our desire to provide a top-notched service worthy of the label “better partner” than the best you can have in the market today.  We want to establish relationships based on partnerships, while constantly looking for solutions and tools that will enable the customer to become better at what they do.  Strengthening further the logo at the center, is an image representing the “S” and the “P” in SurePro.


Partnership. Relationship. Trust.  These are the core ideas that are integral to the vision of being the preferred software provider for companies that are designing and manufacturing consumer products and equipment.  


Our mission is to provide the best engineering solutions that will assist companies achieve the most effective and efficient product design and development process.  SurePro works together with its clients in achieving the best customer experience by providing timely product delivery, quality training and hands-on technical support.

How we work

Our relationship does not end from the closing of one deal.  At SurePro, we help you analyze your business and the potentials to use new design tools.  Our technical engineers are just a phone call away to help you resolve any issues you might encounter in our products. 

  • Technical
    • Certified SolidWorks Professional - Mechanical Design
    • Certified SolidWorks Specialist - Mechanical Design
    • Certified SolidWorks Specialist - Electrical
    • Certified SolidWorks Specialist - Flow Simulation
    • Certified SolidWorks Specialist - Plastics
    • Certified SolidWorks Instructor
    • Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Drawing Tools
    • Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Mold Tools
    • Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Weldment
    • Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Sheet Metal
    • Certified SolidWorks Specialist - Technical Support On boarding
  • Sales
    • Certified SolidWorks Prospecting Specialist
    • Certified SolidWorks Sales Professional
  • Marketing
    • Certified SolidWorks Prospecting Specialist
    • Certified SolidWorks Sales Professional
    • Certified SolidWorks Marketing Professional Core – Sales