Increasing SolidWorks Performance with Dell Precision Workstations

June 28, 2016

Cheap clones or reliable brands? For some companies, organizations and even academic institutions it can be difficult to arrive at a decision on what sort of computers or workstations one should invest in. Clone computers or your DIY type machines are usually cheaper and can be built up to specifications using varying components.  In the long run, however, you tend to sacrifice on the quality of service and support that you get from clone computer vendors.  The parts that need replacement might no longer be available or sourcing such parts takes more time than you can actually spare.

Reliable brands, like Dell computers, can be on the pricy side of the equation, but the support, service and response time that you get might just bring your cost down overtime.  But there are aspects to investing on brands that is worth considering, particularly when running resource-hungry applications like high end 3DCAD software.

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SurePro Solutions caught up with Jasmon Ching, Precision & SnP Brand Marketing Manager for Dell South Asia at the recently concluded Dell User Forum 2016 earlier this month and he tells us about how Dell Precision workstations can improve performance of independent software vendors (ISV) like SolidWorks. He cites how they work closely with ISVs to ensure that their applications are supported by Dell. He also emphasized Dell’s strong partnership with hardware partners like Envidia and AMD and how Dell machines are tested in the factory to ensure that they are configured perfectly.

SurePro Solutions is an authorized re-seller of both SolidWorks and Dell products.