Remove the Wall Between Design and Manufacturing With SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold CAM Partner Solution

April 11, 2016

Achieve 100 Percent Seamless CAD/CAM Integration
Sounds like a pipe dream of all product development companies but it’s an achievable one with SOLIDWORKS and our Certified Gold CAM Partners that provide CAM applications that are 100%, seamlessly integrated with SOLIDWORKS. In other words, these CAM solutions run directly in your familiar SOLIDWORKS environment so there’s no complex new system to learn, and your users can design and machine in the same system.

This direct integration allows users to:

• Eliminate the need to export/import/repair model–save significant time and instantly boost your productivity

• Maintain data accuracy at all times–no translation required means no errors in translation automatically update toolpaths with design changes– associativity built into SOLIDWORKS means there is no need to start CAM programming from scratch every time there is a design change

• Always work on the most current design model–only one 3D CAD model exists–rather than multiple copies that will be out of date when the design changes

• Create different model/manufacturing configurations, create machining fixturing in SOLIDWORKS, use SOLIDWORKS sketcher to create toolpaths and toolpath approaches, and so on

• Make changes to the design model to improve manufacturability and then rebuild the toolpath instantly

• Implement a concurrent design and manufacturing approach–begin creating toolpaths earlier and give feedback to designers on how to improve the design for manufacturability

• Easily train and maintain since SOLIDWORKS and your CAM system runs on the same hardware, with the same hardware and system requirements, with a familiar user interface


With an integrated CAD/CAM system consisting of SOLIDWORKS and SolidCAM®, Manufacturing Services Inc. is saving between 15-60% in production time.

SolidCAM is designed to make creating fast toolpaths easy and efficient. Supporting lathes, 2.5D milling machines to 5-axis, and complex millturns, full CNC programming functions are all done directly inside SOLIDWORKS. With the same look and feel throughout, engineers never have to leave the SOLIDWORKS environment to experience seamless, single-window integration and full associativity with the design model.

Manufacturing Services Inc. in Lancaster, South Carolina, performs production part runs, injection molds, and more. They realized dramatic time savings–from 15 to 60% depending on part complexity–once they switched to integrated CAD/CAM over their prior non-integrated approach. They can easily import SOLIDWORKS design files with no need for file translations. 

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