SurePro, your BETTER PARTNER for engineering design solutions

September 2, 2016

Looking for an engineering design software? Look no more because SurePro Solutions, Inc. (otherwise known as SurePro) is your ultimate provider of engineering design and manufacturing solutions. 
SurePro has been helping Filipino and Philippine-based companies transform ideas into innovative products. As a trusted reseller, we offer the world's leading SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD software and its suite of design softwares that deliver the intuitive experience in product design, simulation, publishing, data management, and environmental impact assessment; allowing the seamless transformation of ideas into great, innovative products. 
SurePro also brings to the Philippines other leading engineering design and manufacturing software systems such as SolidCAM,  the leading integrated CAM Solution with the Amazing iMachining Technology; CG PressDesign for layout development; iMOLD for SolidWorks which leverages breakthrough technology and the SolidWorks environment to provide designers with the most powerful mold design product available; and the ESI PAM-STAMP and ESI ProCAST/QuikCAST, which are simulation softwares that integrate well with SOLIDWORKS® 3D CAD.
SurePro has pioneered the first-ever SOLIDWORKS® training and development center in the Philippines for design engineers, offering SOLIDWORKS® certifications. We also provide powerful and reliable workstations from Dell — capable of supporting complex engineering design and manufacturing softwares. 
But what makes SurePro stand out from the competition?

Cristina Co, Operations Manager of SurePro Solutions Inc. during a partnership building meeting with Dell and Technological University of the Philippines

More than being a 3D CAD reseller, SurePro is known in the industry for being a BETTER PARTNER. This is because our company vision is the realization of the ideals of partnership, relationship and trust. 
We aim to be your better partner by sharing our expertise and providing outstanding after sales support. You can always contact us for professional advice and in resolving any engineering design issue. Our team of expert design engineers are always happy to serve you. Likewise, we aim to provide only the best-in-class solutions for excellent manufacturing and design challenges.
As your BETTER PARTNER, it is our goal to nurture a relationship with you. We want to help you grow your business. As such, at the outset, we study your company and determine how we can help you improve and grow your business while cutting costs. We will even throw in discounts, free trainings for your designers and quarterly reviews from our certified applications engineers. 


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We go out of our way to gain your trust through genuine customer service. We care for your employees by providing avenues through fun activities and events. This is because we want to make you genuinely happy with our service.

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What more can you ask for? Be part of the SurePro family. Because with us, everything is #SimplyBetter.