What kind of workstation do you need for SOLIDWORKS?

April 18, 2016
What kind of workstation do you need for SOLIDWORKS?

Businesses and engineers should think in terms of the sizes and complexities of the projects to be run when considering a workstation for SOLIDWORKS. A workstation consists of six important components: CPU (speed, cores and sockets), memory, storage, graphics, OS, and applications.

CPU (speed) – With CAD/modelling, each step depends on processing the previous step in most instances. For these activities, CPU speed is critical for greater productivity.

CPU (cores and sockers) – Stimulation, rendering, and ray tracking are often done in parallel. These activities can benefit from more cores (in single and dual sockets).

Memory – The entire model is loaded into memory. Too little memory can hamper productivity. Memory should be at least 2x the size of the largest model to be loaded. All memory slots must be populated evenly.

Storage – Spinning hard drives are one of the slowest components in a workstation. With the high reliability and large sizes of today’s professional series Solid State Drives (SSDs), productive workstations should use SSDs, which offer speeds of up to 10x faster than a mechanical drive. Note that when selecting an SSD, consider features such as self-encryption, data center-grade or workstation-grade reliability and performance (consumer SSDs are not intended for workstation-level usage), and manageability. ?Intel offers a range of SSDs applicable to workstations.

Graphics – Graphics processing us usually done by the CPU in most CAD software, thus integrated graphics or an entry-level discrete card can satisfy many user needs. For applications needing more performance, selecting a mid-range card instead of a high-end graphics card allows the savings to be applied to a larger SSD where I/O performance is critical.

OS and Applications – Optimized OS and application settings can offer increased productivity.


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