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Facilitating furniture fabrication and design

Davis Furniture Industries, Inc.
The Challenge

Davis Furniture Industries, Inc., a family-owned and -operated manufacturer of contemporary office furniture, is a leader in the contract furniture industry—manufacturing institutional furniture for universities, hospitals, and office buildings. The company used AutoCAD® 2D design tools until 2003, when management decided to upgrade to a 3D parametric design environment to support its planned product line expansion.

The Solution

Davis Furniture chose SolidWorks® Professional software, which the firm uses in conjunction with SolidWorks Gold Partner SolidCAM machining software. The company chose SolidWorks because it is easy to use, provides the best interface between design and machining, and includes design configuration capabilities. By selecting SolidWorks, Davis Furniture cut its design cycles by 75 percent, reduced time-to-market by 50 percent, doubled the number of product families it produces, and eliminated paper manufacturing drawings.

The Results
  • Cut design cycles by 75 percent
  • Reduced time-to-market by 50 percent
  • Doubled number of product families produced
  • Eliminated paper manufacturing drawings

"SolidWorks has enabled us to generate greater throughput while simultaneously improving quality. We’ve become both faster and better, with fewer design errors, and the quality of our development effort has risen dramatically.”
- Jim Martin, Product Development Engineer

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