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Making the impossible in vehicle design possible

Parker Brothers Concepts
The Challenge

Marc and Shanon Parker always dreamed of making cool cars and motorcycles but didn’t anticipate a hobby that started in a 15-square-foot garage would evolve into a multimillion-dollar business and TV show. The siblings’ hobby is now a growing company, Parker Brothers Concepts (PBC), and their dream of working on cool vehicles has become a reality with the 2012 launch of their “Dream Machines” series on the Syfy network. The transition from hobby to business required an efficient design platform.

The Solution

PBC chose SolidWorks® Premium design software because it’s easy to use, includes 3D photorealistic rendering capabilities for communicating with clients, and provides precise tolerance and engineering information for production. By implementing SolidWorks, PBC shortened project completion time, supported and sustained its “Dream Machines” TV show, transformed a hobby into a multimillion-dollar business, and responded efficiently to explosive growth in the number of projects.

The Results
  • Shortened project completion time
  • Supported and sustained “Dream Machines” TV show
  • Transformed hobby into multimillion-dollar business
  • Responded efficiently to explosive growth in projects

“Sustaining our creativity, innovation, and quality with this kind of growth is all about ensuring accuracy and maximizing throughput. SOLIDWORKS saves us a ton of time and money, and helps us maintain high levels of fit, finish, and quality as we grow.”
- Marc Parker, Co-Owner

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