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Raising the bar on shower and bath design

Roman Limited
The Challenge

Roman Limited is the UK’s leading and most innovative shower manufacturer. The company transitioned from its 2D design tools to Autodesk Inventor 3D software in 2001. However, after using Inventor software for more than a year, the company replaced it with the SolidWorks CAD software, following a benchmark in 2004.

The Solution

The company chose SolidWorks CAD software because it is easy to use, has advanced surfacing capabilities, includes mold design and analysis tools, produces high-quality renderings, supports design configurations, provides direct integration with important add-on applications, and offers the best local training and support. By implementing SolidWorks CAD software, Roman Limited compressed its design cycles by an average of 50 percent, eliminated the development of prototype molds, reduced the number of recalled and returned parts, and launched its innovative Sculptures high-end product line.

The Results
  • Reduced design cycles by 50%
  • Eliminated prototype mold development
  • Reduced the number of recalls and returns
  • Launched a new high-end product line

"Using SolidWorks CAD software, we compressed our design cycles by an average of 50 percent."
- Christopher Ward, Design Manager

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