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Sailing through yacht development and production

Conyplex B.V.
The Challenge

For more than half a century, Conyplex B.V., the manufacturer of Contest Yachts, has produced premium quality sailing yachts, introducing innovations in high-performance cruiser design. In keeping with the company’s commitment to quality, Conyplex decided to upgrade its Technical Department’s design tools from AutoCAD® 2D software to a 3D development platform in 2007.

The Solution

After evaluating the Autodesk Inventor®, Pro/ENGINEER®, and SolidWorks® design systems, Conyplex standardized on SolidWorks design and SolidWorks Premium design and analysis software for sailing yacht development. The shipbuilder chose SolidWorks because it is easy to use, is utilized by most of its suppliers, worked well on a trial project, and provides excellent visualization and rendering tools. By selecting SolidWorks, Conyplex reduced its development cycles by 50 to 66 percent, cut production time by 25 percent, eliminated fit issues and rework, and improved design visualization with photorealistic renderings.

The Results
  • Reduced development cycles by 50 to 66 percent
  • Cut production time by 25 percent
  • Eliminated fit issues and rework
  • Improved design visualization with photorealistic renderings

“SOLIDWORKS helps us design and manufacture better products faster, which improves delivery times and enhances customer satisfaction.”
- Robert Vijselaar, Engineer 

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