Powering Innovation: SurePro launches SOLIDWORKS 2017 in Manila

October 11, 2016
Manila. “Power” and “Innovation” were the main messages conveyed at the recently concluded SOLIDWORKS 2017 Launch Innovation Day held last 7 October 2016 at Palacio De Maynila, Manila.  SurePro’s Innovation Day is part of the global launch of SOLIDWORKS 2017, the latest version of the software, which incorporates the latest features and enhancements harnessed from feedbacks and suggestions from some three million global users.

Key Note Address

“The Power You Need to Drive Innovation” is this year’s main theme and Mr. Chevy Kok, Dassault Systèmes, Territory Sales Manager for Asean-Central region highlighted what this power and innovation was all about. Mr. Kok in his key note address talked about how SOLIDWORKS creates powerful, reliable, and easy to use design technology, which impacts our daily lives. In his presentation, Mr. Kok presented the latest invention from a company called MYOMO, which stands for MY Own MOvement, developed an assistive technology device enabling patients suffering from strokes, spinal cord injuries, and progressive illnesses like ALS, to regain their movement.  MYOMO’s genius is in its design using SOLIDWORKS, as it allows for 1) user initiated movement; and 2) amplification of brain signals to drive the motors of the device.  The design concept can be compared to the power steering in your car.

The Live Demo
SurePro’s team of engineers, Michael Cagan and Stephen Alcaraz during the live demo.
The most anticipated segment of the event was of course the live demo by SurePro’s team of engineers, Michael Cagan, ME and Stephen Alcaraz, ECE on the new features of the software. Some 259 new features and enhancements became part of the annual release of SOLIDWORKS.  According to Kishore Boyalakuntla SOLIDWORKS Brand UX leader and Product Portfolio Management Senior Director, “…90% of the enhancements are driven by user feedback.” That’s a long list of new features to go through for a demo but one of the exciting additions to the 2017 release discussed by Engrs. Michael and Stephen is the feature called “3D interconnect”.  3D Interconnect aims to boost collaborative efforts within and between organizations as this feature unlocks any 3D model to work with SOLIDWORKS. This means that working with any legacy data, whether it’s written in AutoDesk Inventor, PTC Creo, or Siemens NX and SolidEdge, will no longer be a problem with SOLIDWORKS 2017.  Other topics covered during the demo include core CAD enhancements such as variable Chamfer, Chamfer-fillet interchangeability for flexible modelling, advanced holes, importing mesh files, wrap features, offset surface and magnetic speedpack enhancements.

The SOLIDWORKS Experience Zone

SurePro also treated participants to what it called the SOLIDWORKS Experience Zone, where they get to “test drive” the new software.  In the afternoon, participants where challenged to render into a 3D model using SOLIDWORKS a 2D image.  The fastest to finish with the most accurate result of the 3D model wins. Unfortunately, with the time limit of just 10 minutes, all contestants weren’t able to successfully complete the challenge.
Participants do a hands-on test drive of the new release at SOLIDWORKS Experience Zone
Another first in this year’s event was SurePro conferring special awards. For his long years of service in the industry and his commitment and advocacy on all things 3D, Chevy Kok, received SurePro’s “Commitment to Service Award”.  Rosette J. Sabiniano, who recently graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP), Diliman with a degree in mechanical engineering, received SurePro’s commitment to Excellence Award.  Ms. Sabiniano, in her thesis project, developed a mechanical corn seed planter partly designed using SOLIDWORKS. Ms. Sabiniano drew inspiration from his grandfather, a farmer, and the need to support small scale farmers in making the corn planting process faster and more efficient.

Sponsors, Prizes Galore, Red Carpet & The Wonder Wall

Dell, this year’s platinum sponsor also took to the stage to inform the audience why it’s best for business to choose Dell computers as part of their key decision making process in moving their business forward.

Participants to the event also went home with many prizes including the grand prize—the Parrot Minidrones Airborne Cargo—provided by Pismo Digital Lifestyle.
SurePro would also like to thank its sponsors Dell, Center Industrial Supply Corp., Crown Pipes, MyVape Airborne Inc., Net Pacific, PowerMAC Center, Prime Pack Technologies Inc., Pismo Digital Lifestyles and Total.

SurePro took advantage of the power of social media as red carpet interviews of participants and guests, another new concept introduced at this year’s event, were streamed live on Facebook.  SurePro also invited participants to write on their Wonder Wall completing the “IFWE…” sentence or just any other thoughts they wish to express, and yes, even funny “hugot lines!”

SurePro Solutions Inc. is the authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS in the Philippines.