SOLIDWORKS AP South Sales Excellence Boot Camp 2016

July 26, 2016
Makati City.  Twenty participants representing 13 channel partners from seven countries took part in an intensive five-day Sales Excellence Boot Camp organized by Dassault Systèmes (DS) AP South region in Penang, Malaysia from 11-15 July 2016 at the G Hotel Kelawai.  DS conducts this yearly training boot camp in order to equip sales representatives from the different channel partners with the necessary concepts, techniques, skills and methodologies on a wide range of sales topics, that include among others, understanding specific industries and customers, prospecting and qualifying sales leads, and negotiating a sale.

Participants went on a rigorous class-room type presentations and discussions while also taking part in a teach-back method and various role playing exercises to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the topics covered.  There were also examinations and quizzes that were meant to gauge not only each participant’s knowledge of the product they’re handling but also their understanding of their own context, the different industries they work with and the various techniques used in doing sales work.

The five-day training culminated with each participant performing an on-camera simulated presentation on how to close a specific deal.

Ben TAN (a.k.a. BT), Partner Acquisition Manager for 3DS Professional Channel, APAC facilitated the training boot camp.  Territory Sales Managers (TSM) Chevy Kok from Singapore and Terrence Ng from Australia provided assistance and important feedback on the day-to-day work and output of the participants.
L-R: BT, Chevy Kok and Terrence Ng

While it was a demanding week, participants got the chance to make new friends, to know more about the different and common challenges experienced by the channel partners and to just have fun.  Participants to the Penang boot camp proudly dubbed their batch as “BCP2016, the Coolest and the Best”.

The channel partners represented this year in Penang include AppliCAD (Thailand), ATE (Singapore), CAD Vision Systems (Malaysia)ECS (Singapore), IME Technology (Malaysia), Metro SolidWorks (Thailand), PT Grand Asia Technology (Indonesia), SFWorks (Australia), SurePro Solutions Inc. (Philippines), TeknikAsia (Indonesia) and Vihoth Corp. (Vietnam).