​Think Big with SOLIDWORKS… And Do Retro!

August 11, 2016

Bangkok. It was “retro” time at the Dassault Systèmes AP (Asia-Pacific) South Professional Channel VAR Conference 2016 held at Hotel Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit last 3-4 August 2016 in Thailand.  This year’s event was dubbed “Think Big with SOLIDWORKS: Innovate, Transform and Accelerate.”  While the participants enjoyed the latter part of the event showcasing their retro outfit, dance numbers and other musical renditions, everyone buckled down to business discussing, among others, SOLIDWORKS performance for the first half (H1) of 2016.
According to Chevy Kok, DS’s Territory Sales Manager Professional Channel for ASEAN-Central, the event’s “main objective was to gather the channel partners (VARs) in a conference to review H1 performance” and to set the direction for the second half of 2016. Mr. Kok also added that “one of the key highlights was the SOLDIWORKS 2017 preview, which was presented by the technical sales team, to prepare the VARs for Innovation Day.”

The event was preceded by three separate pre-conference closed-door seminars that ran concurrently: the VAR Owners Meeting, the Marketing Council meeting, and the Multi-Product Sales Workshop.
L-R; T-B: Sox Konno, Benjamin Tan, Ken Clayton, Chevy Kok, Anthony Co, Lin Shaodun, Josephine Ong, Adrian Ireland and Ron Close.
Masaki “Sox” Konno, Managing Director, Dassault Systèmes AP South provided the opening address while Benjamin Tan, Sales Director, AP-South PC gave the sales performance update.  This year’s key note speaker was Ken Clayton, DS Senior VP, Worldwide Sales.
Anthony Co, SurePro’s Managing Director said that he appreciated Mr. Clayton’s input on the need for the VARs to emphasize the “value of the solution” rather than just the product being sold. Cristina Co, SurePro’s Marketing Manager, said that it was important for her to know the concept of integrated marketing, which presents a unified, seamless experience for clients to interact with a brand or enterprise.

On the marketing front, Ron Close, Senior Director, WW PC Marketing, Josephine Ong, Geo Marketing Leader, Dassault Systèmes APS; and Adrian Ireland, Channel Marketing Manager, ANZ provided marketing updates and presented strategies on how to do marketing in social media.

Meanwhile, Lin Shaodun, Technical Account Manager, Field Services gave the VARs a presentation on data-driven approach to Post-Sales Support.

Jason Dang of Vihoth Corp. in Vietnam said that for him, it was really important to learn how to approach potential customers from a multi-product standpoint rather than just offering SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.  Zac Neo of IME Technology in Penang, Malaysia on the other hand saw the importance of applying the CWOMAN methodology—one of the topics introduced during the event— in assessing the true status of forecasted opportunities. CWOMAN stands for champion, when, obstacles, money, authority and need. Each of these categories are defined using the RAG rating status or red, amber, green.  A “green” for all the categories signifies the greatest possibility for the forecasted opportunity to be closed.  A combination of RAG colors across the categories signifies that more work needs to be done on the forecasted opportunity.

And when serious stuff was over, it was all fun, fantastic costumes and fabulous performances as participants went all out on glitter, make-up and costumes in the evening referred to as “SOLIDWORKS Got Talent: 1980s Edition.” Watch more of the captured moments in this short video clip.

About 101 participants took part in the event representing VARs from countries that include Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as team members for DS AP South office and other global offices.

Anthony Co and Christina Co, SurePro’s Managing Director and Marketing Manager respectively attended the event.
L-R: Anthony Co, Ken Clayton, Cristina Co and Sox Konno

SurePro Solutions is the authorized reseller of SOLIDWORKS in the Philippines, providing 3D CAD engineering solutions to the manufacturing industry.