​CG PressDesign is superior for Layout development, Auto design, and smart association. It also has on board standard parts for press design, customized data structure, and on demand standardization is available.
Blank Development
Process body creation
Blank body will be created through development of bending plane and die draw. Radius and angle of bending part is recognized automatically, and blank body will be created automatically with K factor from master. Furthermore various development is available such as unnatural bending, burring, spring back, bending restore and so on.
In case drawing shape is included in the same body, batch drawing function is available to develop this part. So you can amend/edit easily because of feature function of history base. We utilize SolidWorks interface, so forming parts also will be developed with ordinary function of SolidWorks.
Layout Design
Layout Development
Process body will be placed into each stage automatically. Blank layout for nesting, hound's-tooth placement, mirror placement is also available. In addition, layout development for material width, border amount, sending pitch and number of stage are freely considered.
Bending/Forming Punch
Bending/forming punch will be created smoothly from cylinder face from bending part and/or forming part. Created bending/forming punch is associated with product, so the designer can check the gaps between product and bending/forming punch, it is easy to confirm and will reduce mistakes during the designing process.
Piercing Punch
Batch creation of piercing punch is available through auto recognition holes in the plate. Especially, in the case where there are many hole on the plate, batch creation is effective. And when the designer creates a punch, the system recognizes the contour of product automatically, so designer does not need to trace contour of product one by one. Furthermore various modify function such as matching, heal, roof, shank, flange, profile are on board.
Setting information of Die structure
When the designer considers the die structure, the system provides you die structure information (plate thickness, height), so punch size, punch place will be up-dated using die structure information. Because of this, the designer does not need to input punch information each time.
Die Structure
Internal standard parts such as springs and suspension bolts, inserts and bolts will be registered as standard unit parts. Adding coincidence, dimensional binding, relational formula between parts, each part size, each part place will be up-dated automatically. So design standardization and a reduction in design time will be possible.
Customized parts
Ordinary internal parts will be registered as customized parts, so you can create your own catalogue. Registration work is an intuitive and easy operation.
Die Set
CG PressDesign supports standard die set from FUTABA. It is easy to change plate size, and easy to insert new plate etc., so customized die set is available. Frequently used parts such as clamping bolt, knock-out pin, stripper bolt, register to customized die set, so it reduces design time for the die set.
Standard Parts
There are about 6,200 Standard Parts from FUTABA and MISUMI available for use in CG Press Design. Parameter setting of position and length are able to set with preview image. In addition, there is template of machining, so hole creation will be done easily and smoothly.
Drawing Supports
Parts Release
2D part drawing will be created at one time from assembly file and/or part file. Title block, paper size, multiple parts to one drawing file are available upon releasing from assembly file.
Hole Dimension/Hole List
Hole dimension / Hole list for machining instruction will be created automatically. The contents of the machining instruction for the holes will be associated with the part file, so designing time will be reduced significantly.
CG Press Design is an authorized SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Product.
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