ESI Sheet Metal Forming and Casting Simulation

ESI is a world-leading provider of Virtual Manufacturing software and services.
Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Suite – PAM-STAMP
Make the right decisions from quick die design to final process validation with PAM-STAMP’s complete, integrated, scalable and streamlined stamping solutions. It provides solution-oriented tools for automotive, aerospace and general stamping processes.
ESI’s Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Suite covers all your needs linked to the simulation of different metal forming processes. It covers the entire tooling process from quotation and feasibility stage, die design and formability stage to try-out validation to springback prediction and correction stages. It also includes optimization modules for trim line and blank line optimization.
ESI PAM-STAMP Sheet Metal Forming Simulation Suite has the following benefits:
  • Speeds up part and die designs and improves stamping process quality.
  • Reduces costs, by using die development methods validated by industrial users to deliver dies right the first time.
  • Masters springback in the manufacturing process and delivers fast and accurate die compensation.
  • Supports a wide variety of materials: Aluminium, Titanium, Dual Phase, Trip, Boron etc.
  • Ensures trouble free manufacturing through virtual tests.
Casting Simulation Suite – ProCAST / QuikCAST
ProCAST is a foundry simulation software, providing coupled thermal-flow-stress analysis along with uniqie metallurgical capabilities for all your casting processes and castable alloys. ProCAST also offers a unique capability where the user functions allow more advanced end users to program their specific process requirements.
QuikCAST provides a complete industrial solution to foundries and delivers realistic prediction at each step of the casting process. Its validated technology is based on powerful solvers with efficient self-correction features which result in comprehensive realistic results without mesh dependence.
ESI QuikCAST has the following benefits:
  • Optimize the casting process.
  • Study the production feasibility.
  • Shorten the lead time for mold development.
  • Reduce trial and error.
  • Improve yield.
  • Investigate new materials and processes.
  • Improve part quality.
ESI PAM-STAMP, QuikCAST and ProCAST all integrates well with SolidWorks 3D CAD.
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