SolidCAM is the leading integrated CAM solution in SOLIDWORKS. It is the complete, ‘best-in-class’ CAM suite for profitable CNC-programing in SOLIDWORKS.

Imagine putting the knowledge and experience of hundreds of CAM and CNC masters in the palm of your hand – Experience iMachining Wizard and Tool Path!


SolidCAM provides the great value of the revolutionary and amazing iMachining technology.  

  • iMachining saves 70% and more in CNC machining time
  • iMachining extends cutting tool life dramatically
  • The unique iMachining Technology Wizard, provides optimal feeds and speeds, taking into account the toolpath, stock and tool material and machine specifications

iMachining will make you and your CNC machines more profitable and more competitive than ever before. Patented iMachining is completely unique both in its toolpath and by the method of programming with the patented Technology Wizard.


Complete CAM solution, seamlessly integrated in SolidWorks.


SolidCAM runs directly inside your existing SolidWorks CAD system, with seamless integration and full tool path associativity - design changes initiate automatic tool path updates to the CAD model.

With the single-window integration, all machining operations can be defined and verified without leaving the parametric CAD assembly environment you're already used to.

  • Provides a complete CAM solution for all CNC applications
  • Works right inside your existing CAD: Seamless integration in both SOLIDWORKS
  • Saves time and frustration: Eliminates import/export challenges
  • Gets you up to speed fastest: Extremely short learning curve because you're already familiar with SolidCAM's interface since it runs right inside your CAD system
  • Get the full picture: SolidCAM works in the CAD assembly mode to graphically show Fixtures, Tooling & Vices in simulations
  • SolidCAM grows as you grow: SolidCAM is scalable with packages for all CNC machine types and applications
  • SolidCAM gives you the most for your money: The integrated CAD/CAM-Solution SOLIDWORKS + SolidCAM is available at a competitive bundle-price


SolidCAM has the following modules:

iMachining 2D
imachining 2d
Put the knowledge and experience of hundreds of CAM and CNC masters in the palm of your hand, as the iMachining Wizard and superior Tool Path take you to an entirely new level of CNC performance, saving 70% and more in cycle time and greatly extending tool life.
iMachining 3D
imachining 3d
iMachining 3D provides amazing 3D machining results, providing 70% and more savings in machining time. iMachining 3D provides optimized Roughing, Rest Roughing and Semi-Finish for both General shaped 3D parts and Prismatic parts.
iMachining 3D with ​Prismatic Parts
iMachining 3D achieves shortest possible cycle time and drastically reduces programming time for milling prismatic parts, with multiple pockets and islands, by automatically identifying pocket geometry and depth directly from the 3D CAD model.
2.5D Milling
2d milling
Powerful and easy to create 2.5D CNC milling tool paths, with full interactive control and feature recognition, working directly inside your CAD system. A cycle toolbox provides specialized, preset sub-operations for slots, corners, bosses.

Powerful Automatic Feature Recognition and Machining capabilities, complement SolidCAM's 2.5D Milling capabilities. SolidCAM's user has the best of both worlds: Interactive operations & Automation.
High Speed Surface Machining
HSS provides smooth and powerful machining of localized surface areas and undercuts, with significantly increased surface quality, using standard and shaped tools. HSS is an essential module for every machine shop.
HSR/HSM -3D High Speed Machining
HSR/HSM provides powerful roughing and the finest finish tool paths available for 3D machining of complex 3D parts, aerospace parts, molds, tools and dies. HSR/HSM offers high level of smoothness, efficiency and smart machining.
Indexial Multi-Axis Machining
SolidCAM is exceptionally strong in indexial 4/5 axis machining.  Machining is simplified by single machine home position for indexed setups - speeding up multi-sided machining by eliminating multiple coordinate system constructions.
Simultaneous 5x Milling
Benefit from the most tested and proven 5-axis CNC milling tool paths in the industry, with a very straight-forward user interface, and the most advanced control over all aspects of tool path and collision checking.
Mold Machining
mold machining
SolidCAM's Moldmaking strategies are excellent CAM solutions for any mold factory. SolidCAM's revolutionary iMachining 3D, HSM and Sim 5-Axis modules provide the winning combination for mold and insert machining.
SolidCAM provides a comprehensive Turning package with powerful tool paths and techniques for extremely fast and efficient turning. SolidCAM has the ability to keep the stock updated for all turning and milling operations.
Advanced Mill-Turn
advance mill
SolidCAM's Mill-Turn provides easy programming for complex multiple turret and multiple spindle CNC machines, with turret synchronization and full machine simulation. All milling and turning operations, including iMachining, are available for the programming of mill-turn machines.
Wire-EDM Module
wire edm
SolidCAM's Wire EDM module supports Profile, Taper, 4 axes machining and built-in machine macros. Strategies with variable number of cuts, for various materials and wire types can be applied to different workpiece thicknesses.
Solid Probe
solid probe
Controlling probes on the CNC machine, the Solid Probe module enables you to do Setup and Measurements to control the quality of the machined parts. Solid Probe module provides also Tool Presetter support.




Read what customers said about SolidCAM

Because SolidCAM is completely integrated with SOLIDWORKS CAD software, we are actually building our CAM programming within SOLIDWORKS.
Deniz Valle Essai Corporation


Since loading SolidCAM, integrated in SOLIDWORKS, I’ve been able to program complex parts and run them without concern. The machine seems to run smoother than before, cutters last longer and confidence levels are high. Also, I'm able to train others. The software is pretty self-explanatory and the tutorials are easy to follow.
Larry Rehak  |  Intricate Metal Forming Co.


The tight integration with SOLIDWORKS makes my design-to-production life cycle easy and fast. The SolidCAM support team is rock solid. I do some pretty complex 4-axis production projects and SolidCAM handles them very nicely.
-Terry Kramer  |  Kramer Design Corp.


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